Sunday, 17 July 2011

We Believe In Fairies!

Fairies are very prominent in our house!  Some are good but most are not so good.

Firstly there is the Lego Fairy - This fairy is a very naughty fairy indeed and probably the one that annoys me the most. 

She leaves out little blocks of Lego in places they should not be waiting for an unsuspecting bare footed adult to tread on them.  This adult is invariably me and it seems to happen mostly at night when I am doing my level best to walk up our creaky stairs without making any noise so I don't wake up the children I have spent most of the evening trying to get to sleep.

I sit on the stairs holding my foot desperately trying not to swear, mumbling about how bloody stupid Lego is all the while cursing the person who bought it for my little angels before realising it was me!

Then there is the Toilet Roll Fairy – This one is great!  She replaces the empty toilet roll for a new one just before it runs out.  She even takes the empty roll out to the recycling bin.  I have a feeling that this particular fairy exists in many households.

Onto the Sock Fairy – Another naughty one.  She likes to take socks.  The problem is she doesn’t take them in pairs.  Oh no only odd ones will do for this little blighter!  This results in my washing basket being full of odd socks in the hope that the missing one will turn up at some point.

The most frustrating thing about the Sock Fairy is that as soon as I have decided the other sock will not be found and have thrown its partner in the bin she decides to give it back!

We also have a Food Fairy.  This is yet another naughty one!  This little madam likes to make food disappear.  Of course she only likes nice food that I have put away to treat myself with later on.  I get home from work thinking about the lovely Twirl I have stashed in the fridge for after the children have gone to bed only to find that it has gone when I go to eat it.  She could at least put the wrapper in the bin but no, she has to leave it in one of the children’s bedrooms so that they look like the guilty party.

Let me know about any fairies you have in your house!


  1. We have these fairies in our house too!! I thought they just liked visiting mine but now I know they like other houses/families I don't feel so bad! xx

  2. ah, damn fairies. they think they are above it all and can get away with it but you have tumbled them.
    Great read!

  3. Brilliant. We have a remote control fairy. I've never met her but I think she must live under the sofa as that is where she usually stashes the remotes when were not looking.

  4. We have the washing fairy who washes all of my clothes, irons them, then returns them to my drawers. Unfortunately she's not been able to find my house since 1995 when I went to university. Strange.

  5. I may have to do an update to this post as it seems we have more fairies than I realised! They are cauing all sorts of mischief at the moment.

  6. I have all these fairies.....and no children yet ;)


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