Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Car Maintenance

Cars are very expensive things to maintain especially when you drive an old banger like I do!  They are a necessary evil without which we would just not function as a family.

Halfords have some great offers on at the moment but these finish at the end of July so book quickly as there are some massive savings to be had!

Get 50% off a MOT - CLICK HERE and enter HP-MOT

Get 20% off an interim, full or major service - CLICK HERE and enter SERV20

£5 Off each tyre ordered - CLICK HERE and enter TYRES

I hope these can help someone!  Like I said the voucher end date is 31/7/2011 so get in quick!

Please let me know via comments what kind of discounts you are interested in and I will do my best to include them next week.

I will be adding a page soon about how to make some pennies online.  I must stress these will not be get rich quick schemes but they all add up and I use them to buy bits for Christmas.

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