Friday, 22 July 2011

Visitng Ireland

I had to go to Ireland for two days for work, something I had been really looking forward to for a while.  All in all I had a great time and really enjoyed meeting my Irish colleagues but there were some downsides!

When I told my son I would not be coming home for one night he cried and when I spoke to him while I was away he had a go at me for going to Ireland all the time.  I should add that this was my first visit to Ireland, I have never been before.

It did make me wonder whether you are able to be truly good, both at work and as a parent, it is certainly a juggling act!  There is always something to feel guilty about and there is always someone wanting more from you.

I daren't tell my son I was going on an airplane as I am quite sure he would have hated me.  He loves airplanes.  My daughter on the other hand didn't seem to care either way, she was more bothered about whether or not I had brought them a treat back!  She's a tough little cookie that one!

Getting ready in the morning without anyone around though was great!  I even had enough time to catch the news in the morning before going to work.  I had a massive fry up for breakfast (partly to fend off the incoming hangover from the night before) which was a real luxury for me!

The journey home was frustrating as I just wanted to see my family but within five minutes it was as if I had never been away.  I am not sure yet whether this is a good thing or not.

I will have to spend more nights away but they shouldn’t be too frequent.  I look forward to having some time to myself but when I get it all I do is fret about what might be going on at home.  Despite the numerous phone calls home my husband remained polite when I asked him for the 100th time (slight exaggeration but not far off the mark!) how everyone was.

If you can get to Ireland I recommend it!  It is beautiful and you don't have to drink Guinness!  Let me know about your experiences when it comes to being away from home.

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