Wednesday, 27 July 2011

School Reports

Last week I received my son’s school report.  It was a glowing report that said my son was a kind, gentle and friendly child.  I did at first wonder if the teacher had got the children mixed up!  She obviously has not seen him at home interacting with his sister as kind, gentle and friendly are not words I would use!

Having said that, reading his first ever school report brought a tear to my eyes.  I was a very proud mummy indeed.  He is doing well in most areas although his writing needs a bit of help.  He has difficulty deciding which hand to write with.  He is predominately left-handed but he sees everyone else writing with their right hand so he tries to do the same.

With my daughter about to start pre-school in September it suddenly occurred to me that they are not babies anymore.  How time flies!  This realisation prompted me to get out all the baby photos which only served to make me feel guilty as for some reason I cannot explain, we did not take anywhere near as many photos of child number two.  It might be a little bit early for resolutions but I have made one anyway!  I am going to take more pictures.

The amount of things I remembered while looking at the photos was astonishing.  In ten years time I want to be able to look back and relive these treasured moments that without photos would have been forgotten.

I would urge you all to follow my lead!

There are lots of photo websites where you can get free prints for a small delivery charge.  I will scour the net and add some links for them soon!

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