Saturday, 16 July 2011

There Is A First Time For Everything ....

Ok here goes!  My very first attempt at blogging.  My intention is to post once a week (I was going to say once a day but this is unrealistic!) and keep you up to date with things that have happened, savings, discounts and freebies I have found and the occassion rant should I feel the need!

I thought I would start by telling you a bit about myself!  I am a full time working Mum who is also studying towards CIMA (Chartered Institute Of Management Accountants).  I have two children, a boy aged 5 and a girl who was 3 earlier in the week.  There is also my husband whose support is invaluable.

I will post the funny things the children come out with, the frustration, guilt and anxiety that every working mother feels and hope that someone somewhere finds it entertaining.  Also those everyday things that sometimes just cannot be explained and leave me wondering how the hell that happened will also be explored!

And so to my first rant - Schools!

When will they realise that as I working parent I cannot just chop and change my annual leave to suit them! 

Two things this week really irritated me.  Firstly, Sports Day.  As it would have been the boys first one I really wanted to be there.  So the date was set and I had booked the afternoon off work.  They then changed the date so I had to re-arrange my days holiday, that in itself wasn't too bad but the school could not say whether it would be morning or afternoon that my son would be taking part!  I booked the afternoon and prayed for a bit of luck.  As it turned out the boy was ill and didn't go to school that day!  Disappoined doesn't really cover it, still it could not be helped.

Secondly, Parents Evening is actually parents day now.  All appointments were made for parents without consultation as to who could actually make what times.  I have now negotiated a later time but I still have to leave work early to make it.  I know the boys education is important and I want him to know we care about it so it is a good job I have understanding employers otherwise this would have been a total nightmare.


  1. Good Luck with your first blog - I love reading blogs but rarely update my own! x

  2. I have taken so many half days over the past few weeeks for school events, I have no idea where I am at. It is hard to juggle and fit it all in- what's harder is that the children do not understand

    Wish their Dad bothered as much as I do!


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