About Me

It seems we are all more nosey that we perhaps would like to admit.  I have acknowledged that I am inherently nosey and as such have accepted that others probably are as well.  So here it is, my About Me page!

So here is a quick (and it is quick!) overview of me:
  • I have been married for 13 years
  • I have a son aged 6 (J)
  • I have a daughter 3 (H)
  • I am a part qualified management accountant
  • I am studying to become fully qualified!
  • My husband looks after the children during the day and works early evenings while I work full time.
Out of study periods I always have some internet based project on the go!  I have been paid to read emails,(don't bother - it is not worth the time), taken surveys, created websites, created this blog and I am desperately trying to get to grips with twitter!

If I ever feel confident enough I will put links here so you can take a look at my latest project and give me your opinions.  Don't hold your breath and don't expect them ever to be finished as I get easily bored and move onto the next thing.  It is only my blog that seems to have curtailed my boredom.

My husband also tends to have various projects on the go.  The latest one is making his own boilies for fishing.  Oils are next apparently.

So that is it really, you can follow me via twitter, a facebook page will follow shortly, you can subscribe to my RSS or by email.  Whatever you choose keep an eye out for my next project!


  1. Wow! SO much energy here! Good luck with the studying AND parenting AND working. I've been there done that, so I know how important time management is--and how important it is to have a lot of energy! Looking forward to reading more in your blog... :)

    1. Goodness knows how we fit it all in but it certainly makes life interesting!


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