Thursday, 1 March 2012

Gone Fishing

Now I don't get fishing.  To me it is the most boring thing I can think of doing bar watching paint dry.  Why would anyone want to sit on some dodgy chair on a slippery, muddy bank waiting for a float to dip or a buzzer go off?  The fact that you throw the fish back only serves to prove how pointless fishing is, to me.

A fishing session is my husband’s idea of bliss.  Now as I have already confessed I don't get it but I do get the need for a little time to yourself occasionally.  It is something I am constantly longing for and rarely get.  When I do get it I squander it by worrying about him and he children, pathetic isn't it?

My husband has been planning his fishing trip and up until a few nights ago thought I knew nothing about it.  He hasn't been all winter and is weighing up this weekend as an option.  He has been planning this for sometime yet had not mentioned it once to me.  I am not a snoopy wife but he has not yet realised that although he buys fishing stuff through his ebay account he pays with my paypal account because his is empty.  I get an email thanking me for my purchase every time!

I also tidied up our favourites menu the other week when my brain just could not take anymore hedging questions.  I found many fishing destinations saved as well as the forums discussing them.  He also makes his own boilies as bait so he has been checking out his last batch to see if they are still useable.

My women’s intuition (and my husband's silly mistakes) told me the fishing trip was imminent so I asked him.  He smiled a very large smile which turned into a grin.  He then started giggling and said "Well I was thinking about this weekend".

I often under appreciate him so I relented, smiled back and said "Ok then".  I might not get fishing but if that is how he wants to spend his me time then so be it.  He is due a bit of time to himself.

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