Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Farewell ...

Just for a little while.  I have exams at the end of February so I have to commit my time wholly to that until then.  Believe me this is not a prospect I relish it merely has to be done.

There a quite a few approaches to studying.  During my sudy years I have taken 10 AAT and 9 CIMA exams so I have tried a few of them.  When it boils down to it there really is only one approach that works.

I have tried the winging it approach which was semi successful in the early days but it got me in the end.  So I switched to a read and re-write the text book in full approach.  This means that you will have fully covered any topic that appears in the first half of the text book.  The other half, well you're back to winging it.

It was then I realised that you had to know the syllabus to understand where the majority of the marks come from.  By default you know which topics to cover fully and which to make sure you are briefed about.  On top of this the biggest thing of all, question practice.  It really is the only way at this level.

So I will return in early March ready to blog!  Until then take care and when I come back I will teach you all about Michael Porter and his theories.  Maybe not.


  1. OOO good luck!! I will miss your posts they really make me laugh! x

  2. Good luck!! See you back blogging soon!


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