Wednesday, 1 February 2012

My Night Off

I have been looking forward to this night for a couple of weeks.  I have had to travel to our head office for a meeting which involves an overnight stay in a nice hotel with everything paid for.

This meant an evening of being relaxed, well fed and possibly very well watered.  A night of peace and quiet.  Needless to say I was secretly pleased to be having a meeting.  It was a finance meeting as well so it was worth it.

This was my plan:

4pm - Leave office and go to hotel
4.15pm - Arrive at hotel
5pm - Eat Dinner
6pm - Start Online Course
8.30pm - Finish Online Course
8.35pm - Be in the bar with a vodka and coke
9.30pm - Retire to room, slob out and watch telly
10.30pm - Go to sleep

The actual reality was very differant.

Firstly my sat nav refused to recognise the hotel.  Now I am seriously crap when it comes to directions so the sat nav was my lifeline in unfamiliar territory.  As I had not left the office until 4.50pm I didn't arrive at the hotel unil 5.37pm.  It should have been a 15 minute journey.

My course starts in 23 minutes which means there is not enough time to eat.  Never mind I had a cunning plan.  I nosied round my rather nice room and logged onto the webinar.  I am an accountancy student so I will not go into the details of the tutorial but I had planned that at break time (7.15pm) I would order room service.

The only food the offered as room service was pizza.  Now this would have been fine but we had gone to Pizza Express for lunch.  More pizza was not a good idea.

When the session eventually finished at 8.50pm (It should have been 8.30pm) I was feeling more than pee'd off, I was flipping starving as well.  I ordered the burger and chips (much better than pizza!) and ate it while watching One Born Every Minute.  I am typing this in the adverts!

I am also missing my husband and the children and starting to feel a bit fed up.  Hey ho, another vodka and coke and I will be fine.

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