Tuesday, 19 July 2011

My Latest Discovery!

I have made a new discovery this week! Graze Boxes! These come with a selection of four yummy treats and you decide how often you receive them.

As a general rule I do not do the various free trials that are available on the internet as they are notoriously difficult to get out of.  However, I made an exception based on a friends recommendation and I am so pleased that I did.


What I Like About Graze Boxes!

  •  They are yummy!
  • You get your first box FREE!
  • You get your second box half price
  • To end the FREE trial you just send them an email or change your delivery preferences - easy!
  • There are over 100 treats to pick from
  • They have a fantastic rating system so you will not receive anyhting you don't like
  • They brighten up my otherwise fairly dull Monday mornings!

What I Don't Like About Graze Boxes!

 Erm, nothing actually - I love them.

Mine is delivered every Monday morning (you can get them as often or as little as you like) and I have one of the selection each day (apart from my first box where I scoffed the lot in the first day).  It stops me from shoving crap down my throat and makes me feel like I am eating healthier.  My thanks to Alison and George for the introduction.

If you don't get them already try it, I did and I don't regret it - just click the picture above.  Don't forget to tell me how you get on..

In case you are wondering, Friday is chocolate day!

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