Friday, 29 July 2011

Going On Holiday

I am sooo excited!  We have just booked our holiday for next year to Ibiza.  We haven't been anywhere for two years so I think it is about time we had a break.

It will be so much easier this time as well.  My daughter is now old enough to have her own seat on the airplane although this has added to the cost!  Also she will not be having her afternoon naps by then so we can actually have full days out as well.  It will be fantastic!

Only eleven months to wait but I am already planning!  To save money we are only taking three suit cases so this time the children will have their own hand luggage.  I am on the look out for suitable trolley style bags which we will give them as Christmas presents!

We are going all inclusive as we find this to be better when you have young children in tow.  This also means we do not really need much in the way of spending money!

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