Sunday, 8 January 2012

Party Planner Extraordinaire

Christmas is done and dusted, the studying is on hold until results day so you would have thought I would take this moment in time to relax a little.  Not a chance!

My sons sixth birthday is in February and we have decided he can have a proper birthday party.  This is my first task in my newly added job of party planner.  I mean, how hard can party planning be?
We have changed the date once and we are on our third and hopefully last venue.  The theme is Power Rangers and this cannot under any circumstances be changed even though my son did keeps changing his mind and flitting between Power Rangers and Ben 10.

The day was set so I rang our perfect hall and asked if they had it free.  They did - excellent!  I rang the disco and they were also free!  How easy is this party planning lark?  Once the disco was confirmed I rang the hall back to book and it had gone.  Someone else had rung in the intervening two days (I did this over new year) booked the hall for our date.  So on to hall number two.  My husband visited it to check it out but they were only available on the Sunday and not the Saturday as planned.  I rang the disco, re-arranged for the Sunday, paid the hall and breathed a huge sigh of relief!

Later that night and my husband and I chatted we both came to the conclusion that the hall we had booked was probably going to be too small for the number of children we wanted to invite.  After a flurry of phone calls yesterday we have a larger hall with better table and chairs and much better kitchen facilities.  The booked hall was cancelled and we have lost our money but never mind.  I have not yet rung the disco to change the location - I just can't face it!

As if that isn't enough there is still loads to do!  Party bags, birthday cake, invites, tableware and covers, pass the parcel and goodness knows what else.   These are all post subjects in their own right so this is to be continued ......

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