Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Party Bags

At some point during my party planning I came to looking at party bags.  Now, when I was a kid these party bags were basically bags of crap with a slice of birthday cake, my how things have changed!

Now they seem to be another thing that as parents we are measured by.  It is all about party bag snobbery and keeping up with the Jones' nowadays.

As this is my first attempt at organising a birthday party for my soon to be 6 year old son I did a bit of research on various parenting forums and the like to find out how go about it all.  This is when I came across a party bag thread discussing what people are putting in them, and I discovered a whole new world of rivalry.

Prior to reading this particular thread my idea was along the lines of a Power Ranger loot bag containing a balloon, a piece or birthday cake, a small bag of Haribos and a small cheap plastic toy of some sort.  Like I said, earlier a bag of crap with a slice of birthday cake.  After reading this thread it is clear I am going to have to buck my ideas up!

Some people actually put books in them, now surely that is going a bit far isn't it?

Realising the inadequacy of what I had planned I got searching on ebay for ideas.  Firstly a loot bag was no good at all, no it had to be a party box a la happy meal but a bit smaller.  These are slightly more expensive but hey think of the kudos points!  I have bought plain ones that I am going to print Power Ranger labels to stick on.

Then there is the contents.  So far I have:
  • Power Ranger sticker
  • Small tub of playdoh
  • A rocket balloon
  • A cupcake
I am also planning on buying bouncy balls and Haribos to put in them.  The Haribos might not make it though as I might eat those myself!  I should explain that the tubs of playdoh were bought for christmas but both my husband and I bought the same thing so this is bit of a cheat really.  The cupcake is because I have looked at getting a birthday cake big enough to feed 30 kids and they wanted £70 so we are going to buy a small cake and put cupcakes in the party boxes.

As yet I have not actually added up how much this has cost as I think it would freak me out, however I have been totally sucked into party bag or in my case party box snobbery and for some weird reason that I don't fully understand, determined to impress my sons peers parents.  It would also be good for my son to be the cool kid for one day!

I do not know why I feel the need to ensure his boxes are the best boxes that his friends have ever seen but I have shown some constraint - there are no books!


  1. 30 kids???? Are you INSANE????

  2. I thought I would set the bar high for my first go!

  3. Ah, I have 45 coming for DD3 and DS's joint party in the beginning of Feb. I usually end up getting ready made party cones which are stuffed with tweets and tat. We book a hall, get an entertainer and let them go for it.

  4. I usually do the same as you. for my sons party last year though he had a sly theme and we made little spy kits for everyone. fake moustaches, funny glasses, etc. the children loved them and they did not work out expensive at all. hope your psrty goes well

  5. I was having just that dilemma for my soon to be 6 year olds party on Sunday. I've decided to go with tangerines instead of sweets this year - its cheaper and maybe i'll get kudos for being healthy?! Apart from that they're getting a toy from the selection I have left over from all the previous years' party bags(!), a sticker activity book (20p each from our local post office, bargain!)and the obligatory bit of cake (making it myself, slightly nerve wracking!). We're having a castle party - am taking all the cardboard boxes from my garage for the kids to build a castle with - I suppose they could take a cardboard box home at the end - I might try and encourage it to save a run to the recycling centre! Good luck with yours - I think your party bags sound very impressive!

  6. I love the spy and castle theme ideas - they are fantastic and different!

  7. I usually go the "bags of crap with a slice of birthday cake" route :D
    My youngest had his first party a few weeks ago and he came home with a little book which the mum had wrapped for him. He was so pleased to get his own little present.I think im going to steal this idea for his party in a few months lol
    Have fun x

  8. I never worry about "keeping up the the Jones", its your childs party and they dont care and the children getting the bag dont care, all they want is to have fun.

  9. I do love organising a party so looking forward to baby chick's 2nd this summer. But its been a long time since I did a childrens party & back then we only invited their good friends, so about 10, are we now inviting the whole class?? I think I'm gonna *faint* :))


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